Monday, April 24, 2006

Living a Perfect Life

Went to Bible Study tonight. I was really touched by a particular word that really penetrated my heart and mind. Our teacher spoke about living and walking different in the eyes of the world: our unsaved family, friends, co-workers etc. He emphasized that we can live perfect lives as Christ came and showed us in His walk on earth. What I realized as I listened to this word was that I had begun to use my humanity as a crutch to explain my falling short of God’s glory. I was wallowing in my frailty when I should be exulting in the victory I have over sin and death through Christ Jesus

Not that I had found myself in the throes of iniquity mind you but somehow in the back of my mind I expect to fail and so when I do I am like ‘Well I expected this, I’m only human.’ The mindset I should have is that “The battle is not mine but the Lord’s and His grace is more than sufficient to keep me.”

Not that I don’t expect to ever fall again but the difference is that my mind is predisposed to victory and not failure and in so doing I am not enabling my own self-destructive behaviour. (I hope I’m making some sense here :D.)