Friday, March 13, 2015

Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

As Christians we have to be so careful of the things we 'see': the type of movies we look at, the type of books we read. I was thinking today about the story of David and Bathsheba. As adults many of us think its okay to see that latest 18 & over movie or check out the latest trashy novel on the best seller lists our friends are raving about because hey, we're adults right? What could it hurt? David looked off the roof of his palace and saw a beautiful naked woman bathing. She was not in a porno intending to incite anyone, she was bathing. Yet an unholy lust ignited in his heart that lead to adultery, murder, an unwanted pregnancy and ultimately one innocent, dead baby. Psalmist David, Slayer of Goliath David, Man After God's Own Heart David. We always think we could 'handle it' trying to live as close to that forbidden line as possible without crossing over but before we know it we are separated from God, cold and ashamed. Not even recognizing our own evil as David experienced but needing someone else to point out 'thou art the man.' The truth is we are bombarded by temptations through the media all the time but when we accept and willingly feed this to our spirit I can't see it leading us anywhere that will be pleasing to God.